Life: Brian was born and raised in NJ, struggled through a few years of college before figuring it out and eventually graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  He continued his studies at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, and graduated with a Masters of Arts.  Shortly thereafter he married his wife Jennifer, had two beautiful daughters, and enjoys a life of balancing his professional interests with his desire to be a good husband, dad, uncle and son and leader.


Work: Brian’s job affords him the opportunity to experiment and engage in creativity, relationships, social technologies, and innovation.  As the Vice President of Creative Strategies, he works on creative strategies and business development for Perfect, a communications company, and its clients. He straddles the for-profit and nonprofit world which provides him with a unique perspective on management, the development and execution of ideas, and the management of creative implementation.

Other: His background in public history and content curation, coupled with his experience in business development and sales, allowed him to develop a unique perspective on how organizations can and should create stories to drive revenue.

Quick Facts
  • He is the Vice President of Perfect, where he is responsible for client growth, business development, and on occasion the creation of ideas that make sense.
  • He studies innovation through both the for-profit and nonprofit lenses. In doing so he develops unique approaches to innovation and opportunities.
  • In addition to being a father, husband, he is a lover of Flyers hockey.
  • He is often asked to speak on the importance and ever changing landscape of social media.

Enjoy Reading:

Fast Company



US Air’s inflight mag

Enjoy Following:

@davemcclure – I appreciate his honesty and no nonsense approach

@knealemann – good thoughts on marketing and good philosophy on life

@lizstrauss – smart and always willing to engage

@maddiegrant – a great influence in the social and association space

@jeffhurt – good spirit


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